How To Deliver 89 New Patients and Over 100K in Revenue To Your Practice in ONE Promotion

Chad is the most sought after physical therapy marketer in private practice physical therapy, he’s famous for creating wildly successful promotions that foster patient loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, that boom practice growth without selling out to doctors for referrals or wasting marketing dollars.

Today were going to go over his best promotion ever, one that delivered 89 patients and over $100,000 of income to his practice and if you stick around until the end were going to give you a template on…and a course on exactly how you can recreate it.

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Carl: today I’m here with Chad Madden, Chad is the most sought after physical therapy marketer in private practice physical therapy, he’s famous for creating wildly successful promotions that foster patient loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, that boom practice growth without selling out to doctors for referrals or wasting marketing dollars.
Today were going to go over his best promotion ever, one that delivered 89 patients and over $100,000 of income to his practice and if you stick around until the end were going to give you a template on…and a course on exactly how you can recreate it.
How is it going Chad?

Chad: hey how you doing Carl, thanks for having me.

Carl: yeah absolutely, so Chad and I met last year I’m going to let Chad tell the story because otherwise I just continue blabbing on here. So Chad why don’t you tell us, tell everybody how we met.

Chad: okay Carl and I met by way of a cold email, Carl was a software engineer at Tesla and at the time and he had a life changing experience in PT and was looking to contribute his skill set to the physical therapy world. I think I was practice owner number fourteen is that right Carl?

Carl: yeah that’s right.

Chad: so I gave Carl fifteen minutes as a user I don’t have a whole lot of time and I got to the point where I said, in a conversation where I said, hey what are you selling me and he said, hey I’m not selling anything yet, well we went on to create a clinic metrics which is doing extremely well and helping practices like myself manage our day-to-day numbers. But over time Carl ended up talking with a lot of other practice owners around the country and when they would say they were having marketing trouble, he would say hey you really need to talk to this guy Chad Madden in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, he’s really rocking it and from talking Carl knew that I was in a really stressed area, with all the changes that are occurring here in central Pennsylvania both federal government wise and insurance wise and that we were doing extremely well in that environment despite those changes, so I ended up meeting a lot of practice owners and Carl and I eventually realized that I was in the trenches and private practice PT… And he had this amazing skill set and marketing, specially online marketing and creating software to manage that. So we joined forces more recently formed Breakthrough PT marketing to help other private practice owners market their practice successfully.

Carl: yes and I spoke with…at this point I don’t even know, I’ve interviewed at least 200 practice owners and there’s no one I’ve spoken to in any huge clinic, small clinic whatever that has applied more marketing techniques and amazing smart marketing techniques than Chad so, I’m really excited to be working with him and telling you guys all the story.
So I know you’re all really excited to hear about his promotion, how he delivered 89 patients in $100,000 to is practice but before we get there I want to talk a little bit about who he is and how that came about so… Chad everybody knows you for being in the trenches, can you tell us what they mean by that?

Chad: yes when we say that, when we’re in the trenches, it’s I’m a private practice owner sitting in my own office right now I’m not talking about marketing theory or anything like that it’s where I sit right now, the headquarters for… And I guess I can use their name, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute is less than 6 miles from where I sit right here at my desk. Select Medical which is the largest rehab provider in the country with over thirteen hundred clinics is less than 13 miles away, their corporate headquarters. So that’s what we have going on in our area corporate wise, we have two large orthopedic practices which dominate and literally on 100% of the market, I think they have between thirty-five and forty orthopedic surgeons and specialist and they both have their own PT clinic whether that is managed by an outside PT company or they literally on it outright and that is for clinics that are directly in my marketplace.

There’s also three large hospitals in our area which own 65% and growing of all the family practitioners, so when I’m talking about being in the trenches that’s what I’m up against and I have some of the numbers too which because of the hospitals in the last six years are referrals, our monthly referrals from… Directly from physicians has grown from a hundred and fifty-three in a month was our high and last October, I’m sorry last September we hit a low of thirty-eight so we went from one hundred and fifty-three to thirty eight, so we went from one hundred and fifty-three to thirty eight, so huge drop-off. During that same time our monthly production went from, $216,149.25 to almost $1,000,000 so $990,523 in the fourth quarter of 2013 which is the latest numbers that I have. During that same time in 2013, we doubled our profits from any other year that we had, so we’re in a very difficult spot but by working smart and carrying out especially the top two or three marketing techniques that were going to discuss here and especially the best promotion ever, it is possible to win and actually thrive regardless of the environment that you are in.

Carl: yes so it’s a pretty amazing story I mean, when I am interviewing people or talking to people in the market right now, everybody’s hurting really bad because they were relying mostly on physician referrals and the same things are happening to them. Physician groups are buying up or eating up their referral sources in hospitals and yeah you found a way to continue to grow despite that by marketing to the general public to your past patients and to continue to market to the referral sources. But yes so let’s go back now to I think it was in 2007 which is when you made a big shift. Can you tell us that story what happen there and how that led to this big promotion that you figured out?

Chad: yes in May 2007 I hired my first full-time marketing person and the way my business was growing at the time, it was time to do that where we wanted to hire somebody, I was aiming to hire somebody who continued to drive-in business. What I found myself doing was they were working more like my assistant and what happened was I created a reserve so I was saving all this money off to the side and I think I was at $44,000 which was a huge amount of money to me back in 2007 and so this is, I’ve just finished the third quarter of that year.

We hit a high of I believe, hundred and fifty-four new patients in a month in October and that was our highest ever so super excited, my wife and I know that we’re going to have a nice Christmas, were known do something nice for all the staff and we were planning on buying on these really nice gifts for everybody and we also wanted to… We had this dream that we will never rent this beach house and we was going take both of our families to the beach, because that’s how we grew up going to the beach in the summer so we were going create all these great memories. Well something happened and unfortunately what happened was our, the marketing person who I had working for me had this very, I called it a fixed idea or like a…Just like a broken machine, what’s that… Yes limiting belief and what her belief was that nobody wants to come in during Thanksgiving through Christmas and you know she went back and completely justified it and said this happens every single year, nobody wants to come in, is how she was saying it. And unfortunately she carried those actions out and what happened was we went from a hundred and fifty-four new patients in October, it was either one fifty-three or one fifty-four and then we hit one hundred and six in November and then we hit our lowest in two or three years which was sixty-six new patients in a month absolutely devastating it ate up our full reserve just to stay in business. Luckily I didn’t have to take out loans or a lot of credit or anything we were completely debt free at the time and I didn’t have to do that but I lost this, full reserve so I had some really tough decisions there, go ahead…

Carl: so yeah let me stop you there I’ve heard this happened… I think that belief, that things are so seasonal and you can’t do anything about the holidays or whatever all the time and yeah, I think that sucks and what we’re going to talk about in a second proves that wrong but after all this happened how did that make you feel?

Chad: well, depressed and it really made me feel like a failure and my wife and I were in a very young marriage and we made the unfortunate mistake of leaking to either my family or her family that we were going to do this and then now I have to show up at Christmas time with no money and absolutely devastating that, here is what we wanted to do but it didn’t work out that way. So whatever cliché you want to use, eat crow or whatever it was, with my tail between my legs it was devastating to know that that I could not control it that well and very humiliating.

Carl: that sucks. How did it affect the practice?

Chad: we had our, one of our therapists, there were two other full-time therapist with us at the time, the one…It didn’t really seem to waiver, we were earning bonuses at the time, some of our therapists work up to like about $3,000 bonus in a month based on their production and you know basically that went away. The one therapist it didn’t affect at all, the other therapist came to me, he had a young family himself, he just had a newborn at the time and he got teary eyed with me one-on-one in my office, he wasn’t sure if he was going to have a job, going forward. So very down and out, here is earning a $3,000 bonus one month and then next month it’s zero and so that was devastating for him, morale was definitely low, across the board it definitely had some… Like everybody was on edge a little bit, the ship was sinking and we didn’t know how to save it at the time, we didn’t have that know how yet so yeah all in all it was humiliating and depressing.

Carl: yeah that sucks…so what did you do as a result of that?

Chad: what all the first thing I did was I fired the individual with the limiting self-belief or the self-limiting belief. We sat down and again another heart to heart and through… She was very upset and offered to work for free and was so sorry and promised to right it and I had to recognize as a CEO responsible for placing people that somebody with that type of mentality, they probably weren’t going to change over, fairly quickly so it was like, hey I’ve just burnt your house down and stay for free burn it down again. So a very tough decision immediately after Christmas, it was literally December 26th or 27th, I had to fire her which was not good, she was also a client, she had referred other people to us at the time so that was a very tough decision because of the time of the year, her being a mother is well, but I did that. And then really when I went back and started to do was study marketing and public relations and how to promote a business so I would never have to do that again. I started going through a ton of content, pretty much anything that I could get my hands on, taking marketing courses everywhere that I could and just heavily investing myself in learning how to market the right way.

Carl: got it, so then after that, let’s get into the promotion itself now. You studied marketing and learned a ton, obviously after going through a real rough period that kind of drove you to do that and then from there when next Christmas was coming up I believe is when you pulled the trigger on… You came up with this promotion is that right or is that wrong?

Chad: well in every year it’s like… Let me back up to answer the first part of your question. From 2008 and on, every year in October we would begin promoting more heavily so that we would have plenty of new patients to carry us through to the end of the year. Otherwise what the average private practice owners is left with… If July is your busiest month of the year and December is your slowest you’re paying the same exact overhead regardless so really it was my job to make sure that we were just as busy in December as we were in July. So what we did at the time was, we would have more mailings it was always like quantity based in the beginning, so I was like doing more letters out or we would do a Christmas postcard or something along those lines or I started doing a Christmas letter so we would do more quantity promotion.

The first time that we ever did the promotion with eighty-nine new patients was this last year but it took me a while to evolve to that point where I had enough quality in there that I understood how to market effectively so that we had really, really good numbers and a good outcome.

Carl: yes that’s a good point… So let’s talk about the quantity and how your success has been pretty much directly related to your skills in marketing, which I hear from a lot of people in a lot of markets, they define themselves that way. So talk about how you as a marketer over those years improved so what’s wrong with just… Well what was good about sending more quantity and what can you do better and how did you will evolve over those years to now before you created this crazy, awesome promotion?

Chad: I view it as a three step process so the first step is always quantity and that is… My first two years in private practice, I mailed nothing or essentially nothing, I think one time I sent out a letter to 34 doctors, right around the time when I first opened and did very little communication with patients once they were in and graduated. So once you were done being seen for your shoulder and neck or back I was never going to talk to you again unless you came back in for PT. So that was my first stage so the first step there is just to send something out, so that’s really the quantity and today I can say, sitting here, we mailed to over 8,000 past and present patients every single month so were either communicating with them via a direct mail piece, a letter, a postcard, something along those lines, so that’s the first step that I had to make, yeah go ahead.

Carl: were you nervous at all making that step because I talked to a lot of people and I know you do as well now, who… They’re still at that hurdle, they haven’t really got into direct marketing, direct mail yet to their past patient lists or direct mail in general and they’re really nervous about sending that first bulk mail because they’re scared it’s an investment, like how did you get over that or did you have that fear at all?

Chad: I did and the first two years I would rollercoasters so pretty much… I knew that I’ve went out and talk to doctors we would get more patients in and then what would happen is I would get so busy treating those patients because I was the only therapist at the time that I would get to the point of having a young family working a seventy hour week that I would go in and I would shut everything down and then it would crash back down to 60 visits a week and then I would run out and do a ton of one-on-one marketing again and build it back up and then we get to 100, a 110, 120 visits and then I would crash it again so I had been in the rollercoasters enough to know that there had to be a better way than doing what I was doing.

The…Help me out there Carl you know I’m talking about quantity but…

Carl: yeah basically I was just asking, what did you do? Yeah what did you do to get over the fear of sending…Of making that investment?

Chad: Earlier, getting over the fear years, I knew that I had to mail and yes you’re exactly right I remember I went to $2000 course, where the whole purpose of the course was to get me to mail something, so I remember going home from that course and being disappointed. I was like wow it can’t be this simple it has to be more complicated, more tricky more sophisticated than emailing letters to my past patients and my referral sources. So that was the first hurdle that I had to overcome and then I was just like wow, I just got really taken for this $2,000 marketing course. And my wife knew about that at the time so the spot that I was in was I need to press forward here and make sure this doesn’t work. So I created a list of 300 physicians in my area and then I think I was mailing to 1200 past patients at the a time and what happened really quick was I did get a return on what I had to do was, to convince myself to mail 1200 letters cost me about $1 apiece so $1200 out, to past patients, what did I need to see back well if I got one patient it was pretty much a breakeven, if I got 2 back I pretty much doubled my money.

So once I wrote that out and demoed that out from myself, that here’s the income I’m going to get back in, I have this past patient list it’s a huge asset, I’m not tapping into it and not monetizing it at all, I’m not getting anything back from that unless they passively comeback in and once I realized that and saw that, made that realization and once I started I was hooked forever because I saw that… It just wasn’t 2 patients it was 10 or 20 or 30 or more, coming back every month.

Carl: so then where did it evolve from there? 21.41

Chad: well after that quantity step the next step is looking at quality and that’s… We’re very science terrific when it comes to the type of physical therapy that we provide in the clinic so that’s… We are all reading the journals every month whether it’s JMMT, JOSPT and we’re looking at, does the patient get better when I do thoracic manipulation versus exercise only which is a recent study that came out or if I do this manual therapy technique or manual therapy technique plus exercise or exercise only so were constantly doing that with our clinical skills.

The quality stepped in what I learnt to do was to say okay here I sent out this mailing piece, this is what it looked like how can we change just a little bit… So let’s take one variable instead of mailing out on green paper less do it on gloss stock, full-color. So same exact content, it’s a different month but I just change the type of paper well one of those is going to be a winner and then… That’s how you can constantly give yourself a raise every time or I know you and I talk about that with the Claude Hopkins scientific advertising that is…It’s Free to everybody it’s public domain so I mean if any practice ever can’t find it through Google you can just email me and I’ll get to the link but you can read that book, Scientific Advertising and it talks about how to give yourself a raise, by just constantly manipulating the variables in your marketing piece.
Like I said it’s the same thing that we’re doing clinically, we should be doing that with our marketing as well if we want that… That best possible return on our investment.

Carl: awesome. Well let’s get into the actual promotion itself now. Obviously I just think it’s important that everybody recognize that this didn’t just happen and you didn’t walk into it, a lot of years of work and learning and studying and stuff went into generating this promotion and that’s why I want to go through that stuff first. But yeah let’s talk about the promotion this year and how you reversed everything, in the typical slump everybody… Everybody gets in winter and actually in pretty much the worst winter I’ve ever heard of since I moved away from the Philadelphia area.

Chad: yeah we literally got pounded this winter with more snow days then we never had before, so looking ahead and if I can backtrack 8 months or so, this was August and September we were looking ahead, we knew we were turning 10 and that we should have some sort of celebration around that and again it works for celebrating in anything at all whether it’s the 3rd birthday or the 30th or the 10th. We knew that we needed a reason why to offer something which is again another little marketing golden nugget that there’s a reason why people are much more likely to respond to your marketing offers so… And what we did was we planned a single day promotion so our promotion was on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013. On Tuesdays our therapists work half a day so they work a 5 hour day, what we did was we had all of our therapists even those of us that are part-time and there are 7 of us here at Madam PT in Harrisburg in this office so there are 7 of us each of us had 10, 30 minute time slots available. We did no other treatment that day and we had these 70 total slots and be offered a free screening and internally for legal purposes we defined what a free screening was, I’m not going to get into that that’s more legal talk right now but if you are private practice PT and you going to launch this you should get some legal counsel to make sure that you can offer a free screening without violating any sort of solicitation for referral or anything like that.

Anyhow, so we had that set up we had 70 free screenings slots, I wrote copy like, hey this is what we doing, we want to celebrate we are going to offer free screenings on this day, here’s what we’re looking for and this is how you qualify for a free screening. One of the qualifications was people who had not been to our office in more than 3 months for whatever problem they were coming in for. So they were present patient they could come in but it had to be for another problem that they didn’t tell is about yet. So if we were seeing them for a total nig and they had back pain they could come in for the back pain.
So we had 3 qualifications, another one was that you could be referred by a past client, a present or a past client. So we had 70 slots, we did an email to the 1500 names that we had, 1500 email addresses that we had. We did a mailing to 7000 people and then what we did was, a 2 weeks left, we haven’t heard from you yet and these are the slots that we have available and I think we either had 10 or 12 slots left. So we would say go through and say like therapist Joe completely booked, therapist Ann completely booked, therapist Mike completely booked, I think I had 2 slots open and another therapist had 4. So we were like updating and we’re saying, hey by the way here’s what we doing and if you want to see one of us for the free screening day you need to respond quickly. It ended up being our newsletter which was the 1st mailing, excuse me a follow-up letterhead letter that went out with this update and I’m talking about and the initial email.

And out of that we had 68 people show up on October 29th, so 68 of the 70 people showed up, 55 of those 68 converted to paying patients with the full plan of care after that October 29th date. So that’s 55 and I know that we said we had 89 patients where did that come from, well we ended up with a backlog of 34 additional free screenings that weren’t able to come in on that date because we were fully booked. We kept list and then we offered them future dates will if you have a flood of 55 new patients plus the other 28 that we had that week so we had a new total of 73 or 83 new patients in one week coming into our practice where we average 120 month and we’re seeing 500 visits a week on that there’s not a whole lot of room so we created a waiting list and throughout the holiday season through to the 1st week in January we would filter those people in and give them a call, hey Mary I know you want to get onto free screening day and you were a little too late to respond however Dan has an appointment next Tuesday at 10 o’clock can you make it then, Yeah and then Mary would come in for her free screening then. So the 4th quarter for us in 2013 in spite of the snow, in spite of the holiday season and all the other things that normally affect us we had our best quarter ever for our office.

As you said it was a… It wasn’t a one hit wonder that was something that we have cultivated the relationship with our patients over years and years and years but as you and I have both seen regardless of whether somebody is mailing to their past patients or not they can still have a wonderful promotion and completely boom their numbers and whether it’s in March or whether it’s in November and December that slow time of the year.

Carl: man that’s amazing, so looking back at all this and what got you there today to be able to pull off a promotion like this that drove in pretty much… Pretty much was responsible for you having your best quarter ever… How did it feel to be able to control your marketing like that and do you feel you can now, do you feel like you can honestly completely control how many patients are coming into your practice like if you want more you can have more?

Chad: yeah we… In the past month we’ve hired 2 full-time therapists as an aside I am partners 50-50 partners in another clinic it’s a long story but I had 2 Madam physical therapy clinics at one time, I now have a partner in a satellite clinic and that’s called Govert Physical Therapy in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. So along those same lines we hired a full-time PT for there and a full-time PT for here and I know that with our list and the relationships that we have with our people that… Like as we were bringing on, Matt is the full-time therapist here so is were bringing on Dr. Matt were going to promote and he’ll be full-time in July or August and we’re going to begin promoting in June so we already have a promotion day scheduled for June where we know were going to be able to drive in enough new patients that all of our therapists they busy and feel that other schedule as well. That will probably have a backlog of patients that want to get in as well.

Carl: that has to make you feel a whole lot more comfortable now, than what 8 years ago?

Chad: yeah it does and aside benefit of all this is Carl is and this is something that I’ve never discussed with another PT but you can begin changing your pair mix, so like for us we have a health insurance in our area that pays less than $50 a visit it’s $48.88 so when we have that what we can do is, we can get to the point where if we have enough business and by the way courses about $72 in cash to deliver a visit so with those numbers every time that we see that patient where we get $48 were losing $23. So that’s not a game we can play a whole lot of and it’s unfair but we need to see a whole lot of the other types of patient to make up for that patient who comes in with a low paying insurance. Once you can control the amount of patients you get in which is like the same filter for the marketing that we talked about earlier with quantity then focus on quality and then focus on viability and efficiency. It’s the same exact thing with your patients that are coming in if you have 500 people that are waiting to come in for an appointment then you can start to pick and choose an filter out… Well I want the, this type of private insurance, I want this type of diagnosis, I want… These are the things that I want to look to attract that is so much more powerful than I’ll take whatever comes in, which is the song that I hear a lot and that’s what I felt that especially early on.

In the last 5 years our pair mix has resolved we were averaging $85 a visit 5 years ago and I think we went $85, $89, $94, we just eclipsed $100 a visit and then we actually had a quarter where we getting $108 a visit. Because we were attracting the type of patient that we wanted to attract. Same exact thing happened with our visits per patient coming in, you know there are… We can attract Vestibular patients which is like a dizziness balance problem and that we see on average for 4 visits and we usually charging 2 codes per visit so we might get a total of $400 in, that’s max, probably an average of about $300 per case or we can attract a Stenosis patient or lower back pain or a post op patient that is significantly higher value for the plan of care that they have, so if I’m going to spend $1000 in marketing I’m obviously not going to market for the Vestibular patients I’m going to market for the higher paying cases and ethically it’s a tough choice to make but with all the pressure we have from hospitals, from other corporate PTs, from physicianal practices, from the federal government to Obama-care to all those other things that are caving the private practice owners in, we need to do everything that we possibly can to put ourselves in a position where our doors can be opened tomorrow and we can continue to offer the same high quality of care that private practice owners are known for.

Carl: right, so and that’s like… In general everything you just talked about is really where people should be trying to get with their marketing, understanding what patients are the most valuable to their practice and essentially who do they want to treat. If they can understand that and then they can understand what marketing activities can bring in the most of those and they create marketing activities to bring in more of those and it’s important to track all this by the way but which we haven’t talked about at all.
Yeah, you have to keep track of your new patients, where they come from and what each type is worth to you in order to make this work. But yes I mean if you can do that your marketing expense, which most people think of it as really turns into an investment and you can pretty much buy the patients that you want to see if you have this skill or if you have this process in place right?

Chad: yes exactly, yeah we… And you had briefly mentioned too or asked the question what does that mean, well in the… Within the past year and comparing us to 2007 when I was stressed about money, as you know we welcomed in our daughter on March 6, so our 5th child, it’s been a pretty busy year, we moved to a farmhouse from our previous house, we lost a ton of money on our previous house that we had been in for 9 years just because of the real estate market. So we found our dream farmhouse that my wife and I had written out 75 things that described our dream setup and we were able to do that and we were able to purchase the new farmhouse without even selling our previous house although that’s being done now.

The finances weren’t really a stress, the same thing when my daughter came along, we wanted to do core blood or we wanted to do anything for her long-term health that we needed to pay cash for that’s an elective, we were able to do that. So it’s not a fancy new car, it’s not a vacation house in Belize or Costa Rica or anything like that but it’s… It’s a really big deal to our family when my boys want to do an activity, we have 4 sons and a daughter and they’re getting into baseball and gymnastics and wrestling and when they want to do an activity or go to a camp we are not having to have that knee-jerk reaction of no we can’t afford that. We now live well within our means but were able to afford those things without feeling that stress of like I can’t send my kids to the State gymnastics meet because I can’t afford a hotel stay overnight or something like that so that’s been really rewarding just for a family and we’ve been able to do a lot of fun things that we weren’t able to do all the time in the past.

Carl: that’s awesome, so I’m sure everybody’s thinking well this is great but how can I replicate it, how can I do it, how can I take advantage of what you’ve just shared with them. What would you say to them, what are their first steps?

Chad: while the 1st thing is get your list together, so if you are private practice and you’ve never mailed to your past patients in the past it is a the…Again a cliché, the lowest hanging fruit and if you are not really doing that I even recorded a message today called indifference and it’s the number 1 reason, cited 68% of the time that clients leave a professional service business and if you are not communicating with them it’s like you won a date with the prom queen and you take out one time but you never talk with her again you missed out on your relationship there and she’s going to be indifferent and move onto the next guy or whatever the dating analogy is there that’s appropriate for your stage in life but so the next step would be just to get the list together.

Then the 2nd step would be, I created a… Our flagship, free how to write a patient newsletter course, that walks you through the 7 1/2 steps of how to create a successful patient newsletter that is very, very basic. So if you know nothing at all about how do I market my practice but I want to, that is the right thing to do. That’s a seven or eight step course that you can either get through me or Carl or you can right to and sign up for the course and then go through that.

Carl: yeah we’ll link this below for sure so people can get to it. So yeah one quick question about that, I know a lot of people out there are a lot of newsletters out there, people are talking about newsletters what makes this different from what you’ve seen on the market in terms of other newsletters, in this course in terms of what they can learn, what’s a little bit different about it and what’s different about the approach that can make it a little bit more effective?

Chad: well what I see from every other newsletter out there and this is where it’s going to take a little bit of work, mailing quantity is easy, you can go to any PT marketing company and buy content and send it out and sciatica is a common problem, here’s the symptoms, here’s what to do and that is very bland content and the mistake that I see a lot of PT owners making when they’re buying content like that, it’s like the PT owners is the fishermen, the patient is the fish and the bait impresses the fishermen and it doesn’t bother the fish, so they’re buying bait for themselves. Rather than look at, hey what other fish eating maybe I should be using bait that is exactly what the fish want and what people really want which is what takes a little bit of work, is giving them at least internally here we call it, relevant, semi-relevant and irrelevant content.

The relevant content is what we all buy is PT’s, it’s the… Here’s information on sciatica, your quick tips on sciatica and then you offer that, that’s always going to be a part of your newsletter because defines who you are as a professional. The semi-relevant content is your success stories, that is in patient’s own words how they’re doing with this sciatica, so that’s where you wish your testimony way you use your pictures. You shared human emotion and response stories, those that… There’s a personal interest in so, there’s a dancer or a high school quarterback or here’s who were working with, this is how were doing obviously again there’s legal components to that but we just have a little form in here where everybody signs off on their testimonials so that we can use it. We get a picture of them sitting on the floor playing with their grandkids walking up stairs whatever it is there big win is and then we share that as well.

So that’s your relationship building that is in there and then irrelevant is things that are strictly about the PT themselves, we can generate that, I can’t generate that for Carl Mattiola physical therapy, that takes the work of the practice owner but we have a little format that we use that I share with other practice owners of how they can create their content very quickly.
So they have a relevant, relationship building content they have semi-relevant which is the success story again promoting what they are doing and they have that irrelevant content which is where they can offer up some sort of promotion whether it be a free screening, a book, a report whatever that is, so that’s… Those 3 areas and breaking it down like that that framework I think are really what separate it from everything else that I see which is really just bait for the fishermen.

Carl: yeah and there is also a really cool contest type trick that you show in there that get people to call every time it goes out which you can see it, if you go check the course out but we don’t have to talk about it now.

Chad: yes that’s exactly right, it’s a way to get people to read the newsletter and respond better than you could ever possibly imagine.

Carl: yeah, yeah it’s pretty cool, so I think that about covers everything, I’m sure we’ll do another one here at some point and talk about another subject but I think that wraps it up, do you have any parting advice or words or anything?

Chad: just to review that initial framework which I think was the main nugget out of all this is, if you doing nothing look at quantity if you’re already doing quantity look at quality. And the best way to introduce quality into your marketing other than requesting my help or your help of course is through that scientific method of having a control, an experimental group, and constantly improving your control. It’s a way to get the best possible return on your investment for your marketing dollar. That’s a very key point.

Carl: awesome, so thanks so much for sharing that, I’m sure everybody else will get a ton of value out of this and again you can get the newsletter course Chad was talking about the linked below this podcast and this interview and Chad if anybody wants to talk to you how can they reach you?

Chad: they can reach me at my direct email which is,

Carl: awesome thanks Chad

Chad: thanks for having me Carl I really appreciate it.

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